by Sheila Askov When the sun peaked briefly through the rain-drenched clouds this week, I felt my spirits soar in response. I couldn’t wait to go outside and see what was blooming in the yard and neighborhood around me. Sure enough, the plants appeared unfazed by the prolonged downpours and many of the bushes and […]

According to Sheila…

LESSONS FROM A GROUNDHOG When the groundhog makes his appearance on February 2nd and we watch the TV to see if he casts a shadow, humans begin predicting how many more weeks of winter are on the way. Depending on whose stats you use – the groundhog’s shadow is right about 50% of the time. […]

According to Sheila…

BETTER QUESTIONS = BETTER ANSWERS Maybe we all need to stop arguing about the answers we’re getting and start focusing on asking new and more productive questions. Einstein knew better than to waste time and energy lamenting over unsuccessful results. He welcomed them, knowing you have to eliminate what is NOT effective in order to […]

According to Sheila…

November 8th in Our Review Mirror I’m still grateful I live in America, although this election year has been an extraordinary example of family dysfunction running rampant with the curtains drawn back for all the neighbors to see. OUCH! I feel bruised and beaten up for watching. But in real life…Thanksgiving Day is on its […]

What do “SPOOKINESS” and ACCOUNTING have in Common?

According to Sheila… They both make people VERY uneasy! Here at The Bookkeeping Company, LLC…we understand your discomfort. Much of our day is spent communicating with government agencies loaded with regulations devoid of common sense. Our search for tangible answers generally transports us to a ‘ghostly’, ever-changing environment where we need to contact some illusive […]

MATH…a Crash Course in ‘COMMON SENSE’

by Sheila Askov If your life isn’t adding up, consider the wisdom of mathematical language. Imagine the joy you might experience if you subtract things that suck the energy from you each day.  Can you feel the difference? Instead of running around in circles, compounding conflicts, and trying to become the first person to actually […]

All Mileage is NOT Created Equal

by Sheila Askov The sad truth…the most common reason taxpayers lose their deductions for business mileage during an IRS audit is because they failed to produce adequate records. Avoid the trauma and drama by following these record-keeping guidelines: Write down your mileage Note the dates of your business trips Identify the places you drove for […]

Re-Boot the Basics – WRITING

by Sheila Askov Please add SPONTANEOUS WRITING to your Bucket List. This exercise has a couple of harmless-sounding rules: You must keep writing for 10 minutes without stopping, even if all you can think of to write is how much you hate this exercise. You’re not allowed to cross out or correct anything that flows […]


by Sheila Askov They create specific proof of the important 4 W’s: Where, When, What, and sometimes Why. Credit card and bank statements alone are not sufficient proof in the event of an audit. For example: A credit card charge on a business account at a big box store may show total charges of $4,000 […]

Re-Boot Your Brain…READ

By Sheila Askov Is your brain bored with your thinking & conclusions? Maybe it’s a case of ‘garbage in’…’garbage out’. Choose to read something unexpected. Maybe…it will anger you & incite you to action. Maybe…the science in ‘The Shark’s Paintbrush’ exploring BIOMIMICRY for natural global solutions will get your creative juices flowing. Maybe…you’ll re-read a […]