According to Sheila…

MARCH is More than a Month – It’s a VERB

February 2012 has given us an extra day to “LEAP” into our future.

The whole idea of ‘March’ makes me happy. 

I feel Spring racing toward me as I drive home from work without having to turn on my headlights, even if my windshield wipers are operating on ‘high’.

Despite the roar of March winds and occasional torrential rains, the unpredictability of the month promises nature is on schedule and magnificent changes are on the way.

The buds are barely able to contain themselves within the confines of their wind-whipped limbs.

Now from a ‘verb’ point of view…we all march to different drummers.

 Some people believe in the military precision of measured steps and formality.  Others enjoy the measured steps part…but prefer to do it with music, much fanfare, and laughter. Occasionally, we all find ourselves having to take a long, tiring journey on foot…alone with our thoughts.

Despite the differences in our personal marching preference, we all share the motion of forward movement and steady progression in one direction or another.

I’ve personally tried going in more than one direction at a time…a futile effort resulting in one REAL direction…backwards.  The good thing about ‘backwards’ is…after you’ve been there a few times, you start to recognize it right away!

We can learn to march to a different drummer – no matter what month it is!