According to Sheila…


I know fall is a 4-letter word frequently associated with pain, but don’t let that intimidate you.

Perception becomes reality quickly, so consider the power of these simple mind shifts.

We can…fall back into old, self-defeating habits – OR – fall back on experience as it shines its light on a better way.

We don’t need to…fall for anything anyone tells us. Take time to listen to opposing views, ask questions, and decide which makes more sense in the long run. It’s much quicker than making another ‘oops’.

Most of us have…fallen down on the job at work, at home, or both. Welcome to humanity! It’s more fun to kneel down beside someone who’s fallen & help them rise again.

There will come a day when we… fall out of favor with a specific person or group of people we love and depend on. Even though this feels like a really BAD day, it may turn out to be one of our best gifts. This is an incredible opportunity to stop, breathe, & look at what just happened. We may discover we don’t need their approval as much as we thought. Better yet, maybe we just outgrew the relationship, and they did us a favor by letting us go on to bigger & better things.

The glorious colors of autumn create a visual message worth noting.  Each leaf releases itself from the branch that has been its home without a fight, floating gracefully to the earth for its next stage of service. Both tree & leaf understand the bigger picture.

So don’t be afraid…fall into the beauty of an unexplored new path. Fall toward an exciting new future releasing all you loved before with much gratitude. Fall forward with enthusiasm…and be COLORFUL!