Your e-mail can bite you

Since we are now in the digital age, and communication is no longer face to face or over the phone, here are some things to keep in mind while e-mailing.

 Your e-mail can bite you! Unfortunately, just one small error in judgment can cost you.

To stay out of trouble:

  1. Know what investigators look for – So called Hot words like “insider trading”, “illegal” and subtle language like “you know, that thing we talked about”. And shifts in e-mail habits (employee who normally e-mails during business hours starts e-mailing either late at night or early in the morning)
  2. Check subject lines
  3. Don’t edit old e-mails and send, take the time and write a new one.
  4. Don’t gossip – keep personal e-mails personal; don’t send them out while at work.

Remember: Even though your e-mail may be to one person, it may be read by many people and therefore open to general scrutiny. It takes only a few moments of double checking to protect yourself.  Always proofread before sending.[1]

[1] The General Ledger, April, 2010