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How sharp are your business tools?

You own your own business!
Are your business tools in order?

You’ve started your business! You’ve made all the decisions to get it going, laid out a business plan, purchased product, engaged sales personnel, hired office staff, found a trustworthy bookkeeping company, and you’re actually making it grow! So exciting, so fun, and so rewarding!

Now the economy has become tougher than it used to be. It takes us all back to when we first started our business. Now is the time to make sure your business is on track and will continue to grow and make the income you know it is capable of producing and giving you what you actually want – autonomy, creativity, decision-making, and top profits!

Let’s review for a moment where you need to be. Does your business have:

  • A working business plan…
    • Does it need to be revised and updated?
    • Is it reflecting the current economy and forecasted growth?
  • A strong accounting system…
    • Are you communicating well with your tax professionals?
    • Are you open to their suggestions?
  • An updated business profile…
    • A good business profile describes your company in a strong, brief and concise manner and is highly effective as a sales piece complementing your other marketing tools.
  • Does each of your business principals have a strong résumé…
    • When you are a business owner/principal, a personal résumé is a strong promotional piece used in a wide-range of your business activities. Depending upon the type of business you operate, your résumé may be used for:
      • Educating your customers about your skills and prior experience.
      • Banking – your bank may require a personal résumé when conducting business with them.
      • Marketing – your marketing packet should include specific details on the business owners/principals.

All of these tools promote your business in-depth and with full disclosure. Build your business…make money…enjoy what you love to do! Beat the economy and make sure your business is currently on track to keep growing during this tight market. As your business grows, you must constantly review, recheck and know where you’re heading. Plan, plan, plan and stay ahead of the pack! Use your business professionals effectively.

From:  A Personal Scribe Resume Writing & Design; www.apersonalscribe.com