Re-Boot the Basics – WRITING

by Sheila Askov

Please add SPONTANEOUS WRITING to your Bucket List.

This exercise has a couple of harmless-sounding rules:

  • You must keep writing for 10 minutes without stopping, even if all you can think of to write is how much you hate this exercise.
  • You’re not allowed to cross out or correct anything that flows from your pen.

When I started writing I discovered my internal ‘censor’ kept my pen from actually scratching out my truth. I’m not sure what caused me to break into a sweat, but my discomfort was real and according to my blood pressure…measurable.

It must have something to do with my childhood training, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all”, combined with the current ‘politically correct’ climate permeating society. I was shocked at the magnitude of my ‘need to please’. I imprisoned myself with impossible expectations. There’s nothing I can write about without offending someone. Statistically…many will ‘beg to differ’.

The growing pains are worth it.

Today, I love the freedom of spontaneous writing. It’s my 10 minutes, my feelings, and my opportunity to vent.  Afterwards I can tear it up, shred it, read it to my family, or if an impressive nugget of wisdom happens to sneak out…I can find a way to share it with a little bit of the world.

You have a lifetime of experiences locked inside of you just begging to have a voice.  You WILL be surprised at what flows from your pen occasionally. Ultimately…you matter, you can heal, and your journey can help the world.