Re-Boot Your Brain…READ

By Sheila Askov

Is your brain bored with your thinking & conclusions? Maybe it’s a case of ‘garbage in’…’garbage out’.

Choose to read something unexpected.
Maybe…it will anger you & incite you to action.
Maybe…the science in ‘The Shark’s Paintbrush’ exploring BIOMIMICRY for natural global solutions will get your creative juices flowing.
Maybe…you’ll re-read a self-help book again, because you’re actually ready to do the work this time.

Don’t shy away from fiction. Your own imagination determines the cast of characters.

Note to self: Scanning phone text does not qualify as “reading”.

Curling up with a good book IS pampering you. I’ve seen someone curl up to a cute Kindle, but it just doesn’t seem the same somehow. Do whatever makes it possible to enjoy your own ‘Great Escape‘.

Remember…the real magic begins when the personal odyssey opens windows inside us.