by Sheila Askov

When the sun peaked briefly through the rain-drenched clouds this week, I felt my spirits soar in response. I couldn’t wait to go outside and see what was blooming in the yard and neighborhood around me. Sure enough, the plants appeared unfazed by the prolonged downpours and many of the bushes and succulents I knew had been killed by the snow & ice this winter began sprouting new greenery.

It was like a weight lifted from my mind when I realized my favorite plants were fine and thriving. Then I became aware that my tummy had relaxed, too, in response to my mental relief.

I took a few minutes to glance around my environment and notice how my concerns & mental conclusions affected my body. Some things I noticed made me smile and I’d feel a rush of pleasure. Other situations triggered worry and I found my tummy tightening once again.

“It’s time for some serious spring cleaning – starting with my mind,” I muttered. I forced myself to look at the items that caused me concern, and stay focused on them until I mentally came to different, less alarming thoughts. It actually worked. I still have concerns because homes & gardens always seem to need something, but now I focus on how I can make improvements without all the self-judgment attached.

Spring feels like a natural time to start cleaning up my brain, boost my physical health, and prepare for the inevitable beauty spring always delivers.

Progress not perfection, please.