According to Sheila…

Groundhog Day…What are the odds?

The overall consensus, except in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania…is that the groundhog’s predictive accuracy rate is 39% according to the National Climatic Data Center. I wonder how much money would be saved if news rooms & radio stations across America gave weatherpersons a day off without pay every time their accuracy level dropped below this percentile.

Considering the popularity of the lottery, I’m surprised we don’t just flip a coin or draw a number to determine what day & time spring will actually arrive. Never mind… somebody already printed it on all the calendars.

After the movie, Groundhog Day, aired in1993…how do we know the groundhog doesn’t come out on Feb. 2nd to see why the upstairs neighbors are tromping all over his roof and making so darned much noise? Is it all that unlikely that if the poor little groundhog wasn’t so tired, it would love to confront the humans dropping by uninvited?  What if our furry friend mutters to himself, “It’s great to have fans, people – but hang out in your own yard and oh, yeah…GET A LIFE!”

Of course, groundhogs aren’t found in every state in America.  Not to worry…each state is adaptive when selecting its chosen mammal. For example, Texans never blinked before selecting the armadillo.

Here’s a fact I just discovered. In 2009, Sarah Palin, (governor at that time), signed legislation declaring Feb. 2nd Marmot Day in Alaska. Groundhogs are scarce up there, but marmots appear undeterred by the cold. One thing I don’t understand though. The same ritual is observed up north…the waiting for a shadow which predicts six more weeks of winter.  Come on, folks, we’re in Alaska for goodness sakes. Isn’t winter continuing another 6 weeks considered completely NORMAL?

How’s a hearty little groundhog from any of the lower states going to compete with those odds?

News Flash: The Oregon Zoo celebrates Hedgehog Day on Thursday, Feb. 2nd.  At 10:00 a.m. come see the adorable African pygmy hedgehog prepared to be the star of the show. Watching for his shadow is free with zoo admission.  Enjoy!