According to Sheila

The Other 364 Days

It’s hard for me to transition from “gobble-gobble-gobble” to “Ho-Ho-Ho” quickly.

Feeling off balance is easy on the monetary roller coaster ride between Thanksgiving & New Year’s Day.

Businesses don’t want to ‘miss the boat’; Consumers don’t want to ‘be taken for a ride’; while ABC News challenges each of us to buy at least one item on our Xmas list that’s ‘Made in America’ in order to stimulate our economy & create jobs.

Let me stop and catch my breath!

I can’t help wondering…since technology allowed our world to get so BIG so quickly, maybe we need to think smaller to thrive. After all, no matter how many ‘friends’, ‘tweets’, or ‘hits’ become our measuring stick, let’s not be so short-sighted  that we forget each person still makes only one choice at a time and most of us prefer to do business and spend time with people we know and trust.

I’m a fan of ‘Made in America’, but ‘Made in the Kitchen’, ‘Made in the Classroom’, and ‘Made in My Spare Time’ are some of my favorites. None can compare with “I made this just for you!”

In 2012, there will be 364 days not assigned the expected greeting of, “Happy Thanksgiving” or “Merry Christmas”. 

I will find a way to be grateful for my life EVERY day – no exceptions, and realize my ‘Merry’ is always inside of me.

The more we succeed where we are – the more we understand, “It IS a Small World After All.”