According to Sheila


I wonder…would more people be willing to BLOG, if the word itself sounded lighter & easier?

People like me are susceptible to the nuance of words…and BLOG tends to make me feel ‘bogged down’ and time-starved.

One tiny bit of research says BLOG comes from a shortened form of “web log” – while another interpretation believes its history is tied to the idea of a ‘communication diary’.

“Web log” gets my vote, but doesn’t solve the nuance problem. 

“Communication diary” is by definition confusing to me. “DEAR DIARY” entries are generally a safe place to reveal our most private feelings & revelations – the ones we have no intention of sharing with anyone else!

Here are a few replacement possibilities:    
            Quick-Key, Zip-Up, Log-Light, Easy-Share, Keyed-Up, Speed-Com, and Fast-Talk.

 Unfortunately, I find BLOG better than these new options.

 I thought of one gem, however, I really like.  What do you think of  “WHIZ-ard”?

 Yeah, I know…I have to put this in a BLOG to find out!