NO FOOLING…Your ‘SCAM’ Junk Is Important

When you receive a letter or e-mail from any Government Agency demanding funds with an ‘OR ELSE’ deadline included – please contact The Bookkeeping Company, LLC immediately before responding! 

Don’t assume it’s legitimate and send money as directed. There’s an increasing number of ‘scammers’ that target hard-working, unsuspecting business owners. They’re counting on convincing you to respond so something bad doesn’t happen to you. 


Send us a copy of the ‘demand’ letter – we can find out quickly if it’s REAL.
If it is, we’ll explain it to you.
If it’s NOT, we’ll WARN the rest of our clients immediately by e-mail, and post a SCAM ALERT on Facebook. 

 Thanks in advance for being part of the SOLUTION instead of part of the problem! 

FYI: The “Art Tax” for Portland residents is REAL, and is due April 15, 2013. More info: 

Another FYI: The IRS does not use e-mail to send notices.