According to Sheila…


Maybe we all need to stop arguing about the answers we’re getting and start focusing on asking new and more productive questions.

Einstein knew better than to waste time and energy lamenting over unsuccessful results. He welcomed them, knowing you have to eliminate what is NOT effective in order to find what is. He focused on other things he might try, ways to influence the end result, and consistently wondered what HE might be missing.

When I listen to the news channels throughout the day, the ‘experts’ keep arguing about the results, and who’s to blame, and how much better things would be if they weren’t the results. I’m suffering from ear-overload.

Monday morning quarterbacks never win the Super Bowl. We have to play the game we’re in…to the best, not the worst, of our ability.

What happened to American optimism? My family survived the Great Depression, the World Wars, plus other conflicts around the globe, and still remained creative, problem-solving optimists. It’s killing them to watch all the whimpering, and finger-pointing criticism dividing the country they fought to save.

AGREE to DISAGREE, please! We all want the good stuff for America – we just disagree on the path to glory.

Let’s collectively put our egos on the shelf, and help EVERY American we meet have a happier and healthier 2017.