According to Sheila…

November 8th in Our Review Mirror

I’m still grateful I live in America, although this election year has been an extraordinary example of family dysfunction running rampant with the curtains drawn back for all the neighbors to see. OUCH!

I feel bruised and beaten up for watching. But in real life…Thanksgiving Day is on its way and it’s time for the family to take a few deep breaths before sitting down to dinner.

The good news is…we get to disagree!  It doesn’t make us comfortable & it does make us question the intelligence of the people we thought we knew, but a functional America requires a willingness to look at ‘ugly’.  It also demands sometimes that we have the integrity to acknowledge it when a majority may not see it our way despite our best efforts to influence them.  Now THAT is annoying with a big dose of ‘scary’ attached.

Let’s revisit the truth: The good news is…in America we get to disagree! Over time all of us may shift our perspective as facts & figures change position & world leaders make new decisions.  There is no ‘set in stone’ condition on planet Earth.

Being GRATEFUL changes everything, so please, my fellow Americans, at least on Thanksgiving Day let’s bite our tongues and take a few deep breaths before sitting down to dinner. The one who says something loving & compassionate first…wins.