According to Sheila…

‘The 12 Days of Christmas’ – only FOR THE BIRDS

As an outside observer, it’s obvious to me that ‘The 12 Days of Christmas’ is “strictly for the birds”.

It began when 1 precious Partridge parked itself in a pear tree, enjoying the morning solitude.
2 Turtle Doves flying past decided to join her. 3 French Hens strutted by beneath the trio.
“Great tree,” clucked one of the hens. “Let’s get the 4 Calling Birds to spread the word.”

The 8 Maids-a- Milking over by the barn were not concerned until they heard an awful racket. Running to see what happened they discovered 6 of their most reliable Geese had given birth to 5 Golden Rings.

The 7 Swans in the pond came closer, observed the mayhem, & chose to just keep swimming.

Meanwhile back at the manor, the humans who’d partied all night were interrupted by several of the milking maids announcing the miracle of the golden rings.

Devoid of healthy curiosity, 10 of the Lords began leaping with joy & demanded that 9 of the Ladies begin dancing immediately. Only 11 of the Pipers & 12 of the Drummers were still awake after the all-night festivities.

To this day, no one knows for sure if Geese waddled & honked loudly before this event.

Conclusion: People, please party within your own traditions.
‘The 12 Days of Christmas’ really is STRICTLY FOR THE BIRDS!