By Sheila Askov
Putting Personality in Print

If you asked me 2 weeks ago what I thought of when I heard the name, Harvey, I probably would have flashed back to the 6’ invisible rabbit I fell in love with watching an old Jimmy Stewart movie.

But now, Hurricane Harvey has forever changed my association with the name. No words can adequately express the heartfelt sorrow I feel watching the devastating effects it’s having on millions of people in Texas, Louisiana, and beyond. This Harvey gives ‘relentless’ a new meaning.

As a perpetual optimist, my mentality requires me to look hard for any glimpses of ‘good news’ in this catastrophic situation. I’m grateful to report that the ‘kindness of strangers’ is having a huge effect on the numbers of people & pets rescued. American ingenuity is in full gear as jet skis, boats, rafts, canoes, and a myriad of floating devices become tools for neighbors helping neighbors.

Let’s all take a few moments and tell the people around us that we love them. This emotion should not be stifled until a catastrophic event occurs. Use a few minutes each day to stop and appreciate the sacrifices of others on our behalf.

And our dear friends in Texas, Louisiana, and other states in the path of destruction…we love you, we’ll help however we can, and thank you for your example of the real America in action.