By Sheila Askov
Putting Personality in Print

The wonder of a solar eclipse is about to visit us. Oregon is privileged to be in its direct flight path. Along with the excitement comes the warning, “Don’t look directly at the eclipse without protective glasses.”

One of my aunts, now deceased, looked at an eclipse when she was a little girl and lost her sight for several weeks, so I take the warning seriously.

I think the wisdom of this warning should be practiced daily.

Before you walk into your day filled with people & unpredictable events, make sure you put on the right glasses. Not the rose-colored ones that help you pretend ugliness isn’t real, nor the dark shadowy ones that distort even the brightest of subjects. Choose instead the ones that help you look for the best in every situation, yet possess enough tint to protect you from blasts of light you’re not yet prepared to see.

Enjoy the magnificence of the eclipse on August 21st 2017, but may the lessons it leaves behind linger in your own personal universe.