MATH…a Crash Course in ‘COMMON SENSE’

by Sheila Askov

If your life isn’t adding up, consider the wisdom of mathematical language.

Imagine the joy you might experience if you subtract things that suck the energy from you each day.  Can you feel the difference?

Instead of running around in circles, compounding conflicts, and trying to become the first person to actually make a square peg fit perfectly into a round hole…stop…and evaluate.

Look at your situation from different angles. It’s true that fractional changes made daily will naturally multiply in effect.

Divide your time into segments, and remember to include a slot for fun.  Bake a pie with your kids, or enjoy a slice with a friend. Challenge the predictable guilt when it appears, and continue in your quest to return a percentage of your day to you.

Equations require balance…so play around with what ‘x’ means to you. If the scales are still tilting to one side, call in ‘y’ and z’.

To sum it all up…you can TOTALLY do this!