According to Sheila…


Mother Nature is incredibly smart, but you need to look behind her mask.

I already know which trees in my neighborhood start changing colors first and the ones scheduled to become breathtakingly beautiful.

 Historically, I resent the gusting October winds & rain determined to drain the magical colors from my maples before ripping them from the sturdy branches they called home. Adding insult to injury, these storms scatter my pummeled pals until they cover my sidewalks, gutters and lawn. I DON’T NEED MORE TO DO!


Nature released each leaf at precisely the time it needed to go.

The tree itself, all the creatures dependent on it, plus the beneficiaries of its leafy children who raced off to play will get bigger and stronger next year because of Mother Nature’s wisdom.

I wonder as I reflect on my decisions in business and at home…

What am I holding onto that interferes with the health of my next season?

Is there a pet project, a bad habit, or a self-defeating attitude begging to fall away?

New growth is impossible until release of what ‘no longer serves me’ is free to go elsewhere!

I know she’s right…but… IT’S HARD NOT TO ARGUE WITH YOUR MOTHER!