Re-Boot the Basics – WRITING

by Sheila Askov Please add SPONTANEOUS WRITING to your Bucket List. This exercise has a couple of harmless-sounding rules: You must keep writing for 10 minutes without stopping, even if all you can think of to write is how much you hate this exercise. You’re not allowed to cross out or correct anything that flows […]


by Sheila Askov They create specific proof of the important 4 W’s: Where, When, What, and sometimes Why. Credit card and bank statements alone are not sufficient proof in the event of an audit. For example: A credit card charge on a business account at a big box store may show total charges of $4,000 […]

Re-Boot Your Brain…READ

By Sheila Askov Is your brain bored with your thinking & conclusions? Maybe it’s a case of ‘garbage in’…’garbage out’. Choose to read something unexpected. Maybe…it will anger you & incite you to action. Maybe…the science in ‘The Shark’s Paintbrush’ exploring BIOMIMICRY for natural global solutions will get your creative juices flowing. Maybe…you’ll re-read a […]


By Sheila Askov – for TBC’s 25th anniversary One score & five years ago these three mothers brought forth on this nation a new business, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the reality that all paperwork is NOT created equal. Now we are engaged in a great paperwork war, testing whether this family-owned business, or […]

According to Sheila…

If The Planets Can Do It – So Can You We witnessed 5 planets in alignment a couple weeks ago. Its rarity made it a newsworthy event. I started thinking about the power of alignment. For instance, alignment gives a huge advantage in performance. That’s the reason no one buys a new set of tires […]

According to Sheila…

‘The 12 Days of Christmas’ – only FOR THE BIRDS As an outside observer, it’s obvious to me that ‘The 12 Days of Christmas’ is “strictly for the birds”. It began when 1 precious Partridge parked itself in a pear tree, enjoying the morning solitude. 2 Turtle Doves flying past decided to join her. 3 […]

According to Sheila…

What Are YOU ‘Full’ of? Thanksgiving Day is past, and most of us are still full of turkey, stuffing, cranberries, pies, and traditional family favorites. But what are we ‘ful’ of? If we feel awful or remorseful– the odds are, an over-the-counter antacid won’t make us feel better. When we feel grateful, thoughtful, joyful, and […]

According to Sheila…

2014 – RESOLVE TO EVOLVE Contrary to wide-spread belief, if you look up ‘EVOLVE’ in the dictionary it will not tell you to, “…see Darwin for details”. From a verb’s perspective, evolution is usually the result of a personal commitment to emerge, advance, develop, expand, and mature. Eliminate King-sized New Year’s Resolutions, and focus on […]

According to Sheila…

FALL IS MORE THAN A SEASON – IT CAN BE A HAPPY VERB I know fall is a 4-letter word frequently associated with pain, but don’t let that intimidate you. Perception becomes reality quickly, so consider the power of these simple mind shifts. We can…fall back into old, self-defeating habits – OR – fall back […]

According to Sheila…

CHILL OUT A LITTLE BIT & ENJOY SIZZLING SUMMER SUCCESS In case you haven’t noticed…people don’t drive slowly when we’re in a hurry, and we’re USUALLY in a hurry for one reason or another. Racing to beat the clock is a way of life for most of us. In case you haven’t noticed…there are times […]